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Focused on large-scale housing projects, ICON provides turn-key solutions for developers and builders. Services include master planning, architecture, engineering, construction, and marketing.

Urban Planning Thru Construction + Sales

Large-Scale Residential Communities

ICON’s additive construction technology, advanced design services, experienced construction teams, and marketing expertise make for a very unique partner in large-scale, mixed-use residential developments. Leveraging the latest technology coupled with unique expertise, ICON can build amazingly fresh communities and neighborhoods at scale that go beyond typical amenities.

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Not-For-Profit Housing

A Place to
Call Home

At ICON we are re-imagining the homebuilding industry to help solve some of the most pressing global challenges of adequate shelter. Over 1 billion people in the world live without adequate housing. Homelessness is a problem in cities globally and the average home is far too expensive and inferior for the average person to buy and afford to live in it. The problem will not be solved if we continue to build the way we have been.

ICON has built numerous homes for those coming out of chronic homelessness both in the United States and internationally, forming deep partnerships with the passionate organizations behind each project. Everyone deserves to be a part of the amazing future we are building.

Non for profit
Special projects
Non-Residential + Defense

Special Projects

ICON has delivered numerous projects that go far beyond just residential construction. From 3D-printed rocket landing pads to defensive structures to military barracks for those serving their country – ICON has brought its ground-breaking technology plus innovation expertise to solve hard problems for our partners. Often creating the “world’s first 3D-printed ______” in the process, ICON’s expertise for rapid innovation and technology development has delivered unique solutions at unbelievable speeds.

With automated construction technology, plus experience delivering numerous complex programs for large governmental partners, ICON doesn’t shy from the hard problems.

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Space for the Future

Land Partnerships

Our goal is build as many dignified homes as possible and that requires space to build. ICON is open to discussing partnerships and sales of land parcels for future developments.