Humanity has Been Building Homes
with Sticks and Bricks for Millennia

It's Time for an Upgrade

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ICON House Zero Exterior a Photo Credit Casey Dunn
Fully Optimized


Inherently strong, resilient and more energy-efficient homes built using advanced materials, engineering and robotics.

Precise Construction


With 3D robotic construction, the full wall systems are delivered with extreme accuracy and reduced waste.

Lennar ICON 3 D printed 100 hm Community Wolf Ranch Vulcan Printers Streetview In progress Nov2022 fnl
ICON Nacajuca Exterior Photo Credit Joshua Perez
Made to Last

Strength + Durability

In structural tests, ICON's wall system exceeded strength requirements by more than 350%. Our homes are designed to withstand extreme weather and resist water, mold, termites and fire.



Advanced materials and airtight building envelopes reduce temperature fluctuations creating incredibly comfortable living spaces.

ICON House Zero Interior Lifestyle b Photo Credit Casey Dunn
ICON House Zero Credit Leonid Furmansky Web 7
Advanced Architecture


Elevated architecture by world-renowned firms highlight the resilient and sustainable benefits of design with the digital possibilities of additive construction.

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