The Space Lab

Located at ICON’s headquarters in Austin, Texas, our space facility is home to our lunar simulation room and vacuum chambers.

The MoonBox

For the development of large scale, lunar missions 
we are constructing the MoonBox, a large lunar regolith testing chamber. The chamber boasts a capacity of over 70 tons of our high-fidelity simulant, ICON CSM-LH 01, 
in an environmentally controlled space.

The entire chamber offers an antechamber for donning 
PPE or EVA equipment, laser rated blast doors for high energy experiments, and a one of its kind lunar lighting system to accurately reproduce the various lighting conditions on the lunar surface.

Vacuum Chambers

We build and operate a variety of vacuum chambers
in the ICON Space Lab. From small scale, modular chambers to large scale thermal vacuum chambers, we offer a variety of chambers to meet various experiment 
and research needs. Our experienced team can even build custom chambers to match your needs.

Experiment Chambers

High energy, volatile, or dirty experiments require a safe 
place to conduct operations. The ICON Space Lab is equipped with multiple chambers that can be configured for various applications from high energy laser systems to dirty regolith experimentation.

MoonWater Ranch

The West Texas desert has a long history of off world experimentation dating back to the days of the Apollo program. Deep in the West Texas desert, MoonWater Ranch provides a remote and harsh environment for conducting full scale experiments and simulations. With 700 acres of varied terrain, simulated missions to the Moon or Mars can be conducted as well as vehicular testing in a harsh environment.